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Nestor Vargas

Join The Retirement Revolution

A Podcast Where Latinos In The U.S. Can Learn How To Retire With Ease And Confidence.

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Retirement Can Be Daunting Especially For Latinos

This Is What Green Cards To Greenbacks Is All About.

Green Cards To Greenbacks Is A Podcast Where Latinos Gain The Knowledge And Confidence To Retire With Ease. Say Adios To Retirement Planning Stress.

How to protect your retirement from the stock market.
How to not run out of money in retirement.
Tips on how to pay the least amount of taxes during retirement.
Considerations to make when looking to retire abroad.
And much more.

Nestor Vargas

Host of Green Cards to Greenbacks
Nestor immigrated to the US by himself at age 7. Born in Colombia to a family of merchants who did not have good money habits, Nestor made the decision to develop superior money management skills. Despite all odds, Nestor assimilated to American culture, took advantage of opportunities, and built a better life for himself and his family. He became a financial advisor so that he could give back to his local community, and now owns a thriving retirement planning business.
Nestor Vargas, podcast host
“The U.S. Is A Unique Country That Stands For Something Great In This World: The Dream To Build A Better Life. Regardless Of Their Countries Of Birth, They End Up With A Shared Appreciation Of What It Means To Be An American And How To Achieve The American Dream. In This Podcast, We Share Their Stories.”