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In episode 24

Maribel, a first gen Latina who grew up in an undocumented household in the United States, strives to build financial security for herself and her community through investment and financial literacy, despite the seemingly impossible challenge of doing so without a Social Security number.

“No matter your immigration status, you can become a millionaire and retire comfortably with the right financial knowledge and resources.”

Maribel is the creator and founder of Our Wealth Matters, a social platform dedicated to educating the immigrant community in the US about personal finance. She has a background in being an income tax preparer and works to provide resources to undocumented people.

Maribel was born in the United States, but her parents were undocumented immigrants. After learning about personal finance and the financial independence movement, Maribel realized there were ways to become financially independent even without a Social Security number. She researched and found companies that would accept an ITIN and began to share her knowledge with the immigrant community to help them achieve financial success. Maribel was driven by her own traumatic experience of living in the streets with her mother after her father was deported. She wanted to help other immigrants achieve financial stability and avoid similar situations. She opened a bank account and invested in the stock market, and now she helps others do the same.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How can an undocumented immigrant in the US partake in personal finance and wealth-building opportunities?
2. What is an ITIN, and how does it enable financial opportunities?
3. How can an undocumented immigrant legally earn money in the US?


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Chapter Summaries:

Welcome back to another episode of the green cards green box podcast. We’re going to talk about how people can invest in the stock market with an itine and also how undocumented immigrants can start a business. Even if there’s listeners here listening that are completely documented, this is going to help you.
Marie bell is the creator and founder of our wealth matters, which is a social platform for the immigrant community in the united states. She says her parents came here undocumented and she can relate to a lot of the struggles they went through. She wants to help other immigrants also have enough money so they know the money moves.
An ITN is a number issued by the IRS when you go do your taxes. It was created in the 1990s to allow people who didn’t qualify for a Social Security number to pay their taxes. An ITN serves as the base for all the financial moves that you can make in the United States.
You have to choose the brokerages. Not all of them accept Itin’s. Only some of them will more than likely accept Social Security numbers. Fidelity has these zero cost index funds, and so they don’t charge you for having your money invested there. The process is super simple.
undocumented immigrants can legally earn money in the United States. You can apply to jobs as a contractor. Or you can set up your own business and offload idea. The IRS really cares about getting their piece of the pie.
Within 15 to 20 minutes, you can have a bookkeeper. I pay, like, $150 for my bookkeeper on a monthly basis. Get started on investing, get started on creating wealth. There is no excuse now not to do so.
Marty: Is there anything else that you want to share with the audience before we wrap up this amazing episode? Marty: You can follow me on all social media platforms as our Bluff Matters. There’s also a link in my bio where I have a freebie, completely free, to anybody who clicks on it.