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Hello everyone. Welcome back to the 2nd season of Green Cards to Greenbacks Podcast. I am your host Nest Vargas and today we’re speaking with Harry Lopez, a business coach that has helped numerous Latinos launch their business in a successful way. Today we’re going to be talking about goal-setting mind hacks for 2023… so stay tuned!

What separates successful people from unsuccessful?

  1. Unsuccessful people plan backward and don’t set realistic goals.
  2. Successful people are audacious and ambitious, but also have a planning system.
  3. Successful people track their systems so they’re open to change and take action.


How important is Identity in meeting your goals?

It’s important to embody the identity piece of whatever it is that you desire to be now, not waiting until you arrive at the goal, but arriving at that mindset.

Really visualize, slow down, and take in. Who is that person? What is he like? How is he operating in the world? What is the vibration, his vision for the world? How does he walk into the room? How is he feeling? How do people experience him? 

The embodiment work is so powerful and what the world needs now more than ever before are embodied leaders.


Psychological flexibility to meeting a goal

Your future self knows what you need to do. You just need to sit, talk to your future self, and hear.

Also, it’s key to journal every day and takes the time to think about how did this week go? What worked? What didn’t work?


Ideas for Goal Setting

Know your goal-setting framework. Start with your annual goals, then your quarterly goals, then monthly goals, your weekly goals, and your daily goals.

Go granular and set aside the time in this space to really do this. 

In addition, have your weekly well-being checklist where you check in with yourself on how you’re doing in your ways of being, and your mindset.


My personal routine for success

I’m gonna kind of walk you guys through my routine. It takes no more than 10 minutes a day for this routine who has been powerful.

  1. In the morning, I start with gratitude. Before I even look at my phone, before I look at anything. I think about what I’m grateful for now, but I also think about what I’m grateful for as if I’ve already accomplished what I want to do.
  2. Then, I write down my main 3 priorities for the day. 
  3. During the day I think, what is the one thing that I have to do that I really don’t want to do? And that’s the first thing that I get done. 
  4. I write down all the things that I can delegate.
  5. Remember the Richard Koch rule: 20% of the activity, actually equals 80% of the results. 


Wrap up

The reality is that your identity goes beyond the conditioning, beyond the stories, beyond the hurt of the trauma.

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