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About Rebecca:

Coach Rebecca is really passionate about pursuing the truth. She’s committed to activating courage and uninspired experience. She’s a mom of four. Happy, successful, growth-minded human. She strives for strong-minded goal focused, intelligent clients.


Invest in your health:

Whenever I think about finances, I think about proof that if you put a little bit from your paycheck every week, and what happens is it compounds and it grows.


So to me, I think the first thing I wanna point out is the relationship between financial wealth and physical wealth in terms of that compounding effect. So when we can start investing in our health today, it makes our tomorrow better. And if we can put aside a little bit of time, a little bit of effort goes a long way.


Stress Management:

What are the strategies that you use with your clients to manage stress?


One, I always think about movement because stress is really like a stuck place.


Two is to find some grounding and breathing habits. So you can find a whole bunch of these on YouTube. 


Also, I would say finding an accountability partner. It could be a friend, but also a coach. I think a coach can really take you to the next level and make you the thing that you want to accomplish.


What things can we do to keep our bodies healthy: 

Number one is finding a form of exercise that makes you happy.

Number two, start to incorporate some kind of weight-bearing exercises.

Number three, the relationships that you have. 


Things to look for when hiring a health coach:

We should look for confidence and trust in someone who listens to us and who asks a lot of questions before prescribing something.


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