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Rosi Quinones’s Story

Rosie Quinones is originally from Lima, Peru, and moved to the Bay Area in California about 15 years ago. She was studying plant sciences agriculture, and in her last year, she did an internship at a nonprofit that was connected to Berkeley. So she started coming and volunteering for them, where she also met who’s now her husband. She used to work in the coffee industry’s a trader and now she works at bid industries, which is a tech company that’s mission-driven. They try to move the variety of entry for people of all backgrounds especially black and brown people from underserved communities into the tech industry.

Rosi’s experience in the stock market:

With the stock market, you become an owner of companies and now you have employees. So you stop trading time for money and now you have that money working for you. The stock market is like a game, and if you think about it that way it becomes exciting. Money makes money and the more you have, the more you make. It might be intimidating at the beginning but once you set it up, it’s really not that difficult. Max out your 401k, and make sure you’re growing your emergency fund. And then if you want to invest outside of your 401k, like a brokerage account, or real estate, that’s when you can start taking a little more risk or playing with the money a little more if you. If you want to stop spending time on money, the stock market is one of the easiest ways to do that. Money is not a goal. It’s a tool, right? It’s a tool to help you accomplish whatever you want.

Rosi’s Mission:

Rosi’s mission is to help people from underserved communities.

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