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We’ve heard the phrase, “Life is about balance”…yet how many of us can say we have achieved it?

Personal health balance is eating sensibly, getting adequate exercise, and having a restful night’s sleep. Family balance is present in the quality and quantity with those closest to you, such as your partner, children, and extended family. Financial balance is a job we enjoy that doesn’t feel like work and provides for our financial needs.

What about finding balance in your community? Is that even possible?

Stand Up and Be Counted, Fellow Latinos

There are currently 62 million Latinos in the United States. That means we have a lot of opportunities to help our community rise and strengthen our country. There are $660,000,000 of unmet demand for products and services from the Latino community here in the United States.

We currently make up 17% of the US labor force, and by 2060 it will be over 30%.

How can you help?

  • Go online and research Latino consumption and Latino products
  • Talk to your Latino friends and talk to your family members
  • Find out what the demands are that are not being met and how you can meet those demands

Who Not How

A mindset shift that has been transformational for me comes from a book called “Who Not How”, written by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan.

Instead of asking yourself, “How do I do this?”, ask yourself “Who can help me do this?”

You may be able to figure out all the pieces of getting a project done, but if you don’t have the necessary skill sets to complete the project, you’ll be wasting valuable time someone else can do for you.

For example: When I launched this podcast, I wanted to talk to my community and share ideas – but I didn’t know how to do it. I found someone experienced in the podcast space to set up my podcast and upload them to all podcasting media platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

After a few episodes, I spent about five hours rewriting some of the content and realized I was still out of my zone of genius. I hired an experienced copywriter to take that off my plate, a social media designer to extend the reach of my podcast across multiple social media platforms, and a coach with a proven track record of creating successful online businesses.

A Full Calendar Equals an Empty Life

One thing that has been critical for me is creating space in my calendar. If you’re a part of corporate America, you’re likely a victim of the idea that if your calendar is open, you’re not working hard enough.

“A Full Calendar, Equals An Empty Life” is a quote that has always stuck with me. If your calendar is full, you have no time for your family, no time for your health, and no time for you. Our society teaches us that our job comes first, our family, and everything else afterward. That is no way to live! I encourage you to think differently.

We live in an amazing country full of opportunity. If a seven-year-old who didn’t speak any English was able to come to the United States and create what I’ve made, you can do it too!


Book: Who Not How by Dr Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan